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Innovation and passion. These values have consistently characterized the story of Killer Loop since 1989. Technological innovation, a quest for knowledge and a desire to break new ground. Passion for boardsports. We started out in the '80s, with our first collection of sports eyewear, and then moved on to tech wear for snowboarding – boards and boots – right up to skateboard products and streetwear clothing and footwear collections. Today, passion and innovation have brought Killer Loop right alongside the most authentic and audacious photographers and filmmakers, working under the most difficult and extreme conditions.


80’s ⋅ The brand, which takes its name from the famous move by windsurfing champion Cesare Cantagalli, performed for the first time in Hawaii in 1986, create the first collection of sports eyewear dedicated to windsurfing and all board-sports athletes. From the passion for the sport and for the great outdoors comes the brand Killer Loop. Moments before detonation.

Beginning of the 90s ⋅ Killer Loop joins the Benetton Group and, in addition to the sunglasses, develops a snowboard collection. It is immediately a huge success.

The mid-90s ⋅ The passion for board sports leads Killer Loop to produce snowboards and boots, in addition to its clothing line and the first skateboard collection. Style and performance.

2010 ⋅ Killer Loop joins the Playlife family.

2013 ⋅ The Killer Loop brand starts with a technical outdoor product, with a vision that raises the strong values ​​of the brand: innovation, passion, authenticity.

The Killer Loop collection autumn-winter 2013 marks the turning point for the brand of the outdoor, which is developing a product designed for professionals who work in extreme situations, film-makers and professional photographers, new sports heroes who work in extreme situations and therefore require a highly technical performance product.

It is a collection with technical features typical of the outdoor, but combined with workwear elements: on the one hand Japanese fabrics (Toray and Toyota-Gelanots two of the main fabrics) membranes with two or three layers, waterproof and breathable, always seam sealed; on the other hand functionality, anti-abrasion and strong fabrics. But always in a clean and authentic design.

The new collection has been divided into three segments: Extreme, Performance and Functional. The Extreme products are specifically designed for the needs of professional of the outdoors. They are made of waterproof materials with seams taped, ideal to face extreme conditions. The Performance products are made-up to enable high performance and aerobic activities (like free-ski and snowboarding in winter, surfing and mountain-biking in summer time) combining light-weight fabrics with waterproof and extremely breathable membranes; while the Functional collection, with its breathable materials with or without membrane, is ideal for those who enjoy being outdoors even in the everyday life: light, packable, breathable, multi-functional, those products are designed for everyday use.

We see the world with the eyes of those
who are out for the adventure

Alo • Alessandro Belluscio

Alessandro Belluscio called Alo, is an action sports freelance photographer.
Based in Turin, however he feels at home in the Alps, and more generally at the top of the mountains all over the world. In the last 10 years he has traveled around the globe treading snow and dust, according to the people who love the outdoor activities: from the Alps to the mountains of Japan, from South America to Scandinavia, from the Pyrenees to Uzbekistan. Professional since almost 10 years, he is enjoying the outdoor and the mountains since he was two years thanks to the passion of his parents.
In 2006 he founded the Italian free-ski magazine 4Skiers, magazine directed until 2011, with the role of photo-editor and editor. Currently publishes his mountain pictures in outdoor, free-ski magazines around the world.
Among his clients, the most important companies in outdoor and free-ski.
At the moment he works as editor and photographer at while performing regularly as photographer freelance.

Among others:
May 2009 - Best picture and Best book to the first edition of Nimis Slope-style Photo Contest
In 2010 he won the Best Action Photo Invitational, one of the most important events in free-skiing world.
December 2010 has a permanent exhibition in Courmayeur, at 2000 meters above de - La Baita -
In 2011 I won the best book on ClickOnTheMountain photo contest, photo event which was held in Courmayeur and Mont Blanc. 2012 - Best Lifestyle photo
July 2012 finalist in "The Open" international photo contest 2013 - Best Action photo

Photo Gallery

Killer Loop introduces Alessandro Belluscio

Discover what inspires "Alo" and what there's behind his photos.

Slideshow Nine knights bike 2013

photos of the Nineknights bike 2013 in Mottolino Livigno

Lunar Eclipse 15 June 2011

Just 4 hours of timelapse in the middle of nowhere in the south part of Italy.

Patagonia Slideshow 2010

A True Road Trip in Patagonia.


Alessandro Belluscio, "Alo", does not go unnoticed: a size "XXL", determined, bearded, with a refined palate and a cutting sense of humour. Alo has been travelling around the world for the past ten years as a professional photographer: his love of free-ski and his unending search for innovative shots have led him to document the evolution of freeriding and freestyle. Alo is known for his aesthetic style, applying science, creativity and playfulness to the use of both natural and artificial light. If you happen to see him dragging his huge, heavy backpacks around with him, that'll be because he has already worked out his shot, and he is preparing to position his favourite toys: remote flashes. Devices with a tricky character, but if you handle them right, they can transform an idea into a photo: "In action sports, you often only get one shot," explains Alo. "One chance. You need a guarantee that everything will work at the right moment." To take the photo he has in mind, Alo is used to spending hours waiting patiently for the right light, in the cold, in the darkest, coldest corners of snowy valleys, on windswept ridges, with freezing feet, around the edges of snow parks. No matter where, no matter how long, provided the right shot comes around.
It takes dedication to be prepared to suffer, to risk freezing your fingers, all for a photo. Only the desire to impress onto a sensor something that already exists in your mind, something your eyes have already seen, can give you the strength not to quit.
Alo knows what stimulates his creativity, which is why he's always on the road:
"Definitely travelling and meeting people," Alo continues, "seeing new places with your own eyes. Interacting with the culture of the places you visit. It's a reverential approach. Going into people's homes and seeing how things work, thousands of kilometres away from your own home. But also working with athletes: people who are really out of the ordinary. Unique people, and incredibly talented. Seeing them grow professionally and athletically with your own eyes, watching their progress and documenting it - that's truly a rare privilege."
Alo documented the birth of free-ski, and continues to interpret its evolving existence. Each shot he offers us is the fruit of commitment, zeal and hard work. Any of us who love photography, skiing or snowboarding are indebted to him.

We make for those who do what they love,
no matter what it takes

Mickey Smith

Photographer, film maker & surfer
Mickey Smith is a lad that has lived a life a little less ordinary. He grew up amongst a family of fisherman and mariners, so the ocean and the elements were inevitably where he was drawn. At the age of 9 he was given a disposable camera and an acoustic guitar and cameras and music combined with the magic of waves eventually led him to become a photographer and film maker. From Iceland to Tahiti, Ireland to Japan, Mickey’s love for waves of consequence and isolated environments has left him with many a fine tale to tell and worldwide acclaim for his groundbreaking creative endeavors.

With the short movie “The dark side of the lens" Mickey has been awarded as:
Winner - Best Cinematography, Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2011
Winner - Action Sports Category, Vimeo Awards 2012
Winner - G-Raid Driven Creativity award - Professional Category
Winner - Best Cinematography, 5Point Film Festival 2011
Winner - Grand Prize - Chamonix Film Festival 2011
Winner - Best short - New York Surf Film Festival 2011
Winner - Digital short of the Year, Surfer Poll
Winner - Relentless Short Stories 2011
Winner - Amstel Surf Film Festibal, Peoples Choice award
Winner - Best short, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival
Winner - Best International Short, Canadian Surf Film Festival
Winner - Best Short, Waimea Ocean Film Festival

Photo Gallery

Darkside Of The Lens

Directors cut and cinematic sound mix.

Keep Your Head Up

Music Video for Ben Howards 'Keep Your Head Up'.

Lives of the Artists Trailer

Trailer for a film for Relentless energy

Powers Of Three

Documented a Winter in Ireland


Which are the three most important things you did in your life mainly for passion and fondness?
The first thing would have been trusting my heart and hitting the road when I was a young lad in search of oceanic adventure.
The second would be deciding to stop the nomadic life after 15 years to settle in Ireland with my girl Rivie, which led to us having our amazing daughter Eiva.
The third would have been making Darkside of the Lens in memory of my sister Cherry, which helped me in a lot of ways, to realize how lucky I am and especially to focus on how important it is to be there for my family.

Is there anything/anybody that somehow influenced your choices?
The ocean has always influenced and guided my choices as a constant force throughout. No matter what is happening, I can go jump in the sea and figure things out one way or another. My sister Cherry and my Mother Sue have always been a supportive, driving inspirational force behind my passions, Rivie has been amazing to, and you meet alot of people on the road and the various twists and turns through life that influence you. I’ve been lucky enough to learn from some truly incredible, inspiring people over the years. Rich, poor, old, young, healthy, sick, crazy, mellow. All souls with a special spark in their eye, to many legends to name. I’m a lucky man to have shared memories with friends like this.

Which is the main difficulty of surf photography?
It’s a strange one, the difficulties are as many as you want to find. For me it was always a fun learning, creative process, a true challenge. When I started out I grew up working with film, there was no such thing as digital. Swimming out into big waves with just a roll of 36 in a homemade water housing and trying to document a session with single frames and manual focus. It’s a far cry from swimming out now with memory cards of thousands of shots, custom built housings, rapid fire frames per second and the most technical auto focus systems known to man. It’s an amazing time to be a photographer in the ocean, there are no limits apart from your own physical boundaries. It is such a blessing to be out there swimming around. Perhaps the only real difficulty comes if you want to make a career of it, as it can be really tough making enough money to survive. But the life experiences you gain far outweigh all that stuff, its never been about money out there for me.

As a surf photographer you can see and document through your images otherwise unapproachable snapshots. Do you feel you have a kind of mission?
When I swim out I just aim to do justice to the beauty, awe and power of the environment at that moment. That is pretty much my mission. I’m not a religious man in a classical sense, but I always say a prayer to the elements before I paddle out, asking them to help me be respectful, mindful, and to do justice to what I see and experience in the salt. It gets quite meditative out there for me, you find a rhythm, slow down and tune into detail that maybe you wouldn’t notice before. It’s an incredible place to be able to experience.

You are daily facing the ocean. Has your choice ever forced you to challenge yourself?
So many times the ocean has pushed me beyond what I thought were my capabilities. The challenges are purely personal and the ocean has helped me overcome great fear and doubt, and still helps me do that daily. For me she is the greatest teacher on Earth.

The perfect wave does exist?
Every single day my friend.

We design with the needs of real pros in mind.
We will always stay true to this core

Daniel Månsson

Daniel Månsson, a documentary style photographer known for his strength in utilizing natural light to define objects and tell stories. Based out of Stockholm and California, his work has been exhibited and published worldwide. Daniel has produced three books of his work, "FACES OF SKATEBOARDING" and "SUPER" which he was awarded with working grants from Swedish Authors’, and his latest book "Cold Water Surfing". In 2010 he was awarded with Hasselblad Foundations marked in nature photography.

Clients; The New York Times, Magazine Filter, Magazine ICON, Sony Ericsson, Scania Trucks, Swedbank, SEB, Alpinestars, The Economist, Kanal 5, Care of Hause, Forsman Bodenfors, Silver, Redwoodgroup, Super, Lamhults, Activio, Warner music, Damernas värld, Cafè, Diego, Kupè, Res, Escape, Scanorama, Euros Bonus Traveler, DV man, Slack, Slap, Outside, Spoon, ICA and more.

Photo Gallery

Killer Loop introduces Daniel Månsson

There is a voice that drags each and every one of us to the place where we belong

cold water surfing

frozen faces from torö in Sweden

The Cats Meow

New book from Daniel Månsson

Somewhere in Galicia

A perspective of this wonderful region

Autumn/Winter 2013

Killer Loop is back, as the brand that sets new rules and bring new ideas to the world of outdoor performance.

Killer Loop is back with a clothing collection that celebrates and supports the passion of extreme sports filmmakers, photographers and amateur adventurers.

It provides protection for their passion and the perfect support for their search for something worth remembering.

Not afraid of bitter wind, freezing cold, bone-crushing waves. Killer Loop products are made for capturing the perfect moment.

The Killer Loop collection comprises three different categories:


EXTREME – TECHNICAL INSULATED PRODUCT ⋅ Designed for the toughest environments and the needs of the active outdoor professional whether they are a surf photographer, extreme filmmaker or a ski heli pilot. The most advanced waterproof, insulated and breathable products are used to meet the needs of those who are out there, waiting for the perfect shot in the snow, or battling the elements at the strongest surf spot.


PERFORMANCE – HIGH PERFORMANCE PRODUCT ⋅ Created specifically for the ambitious and technical outdoor professional when the environment requires high-aerobic activity, strong performance or just it promises an intense day of fun. Featuring waterproof, breathable and lightweight fabric, the design is clean, distinctive and authentic.


FUNCTIONAL ⋅ The functional collection is as simple as it is unique. Featuring highly breathable products with and without membrane (waterproof or wind-resistant) and lightweight insulation, ideal for medium performance activities. Lightweight, packable, adaptable and multi-purpose gear for everyday use.

Where to buy

ECommerce website and shipping to your country will be available from next season, Spring/Summer 2014.
For more details and discover where to buy contact

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